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Cross-Platform with Xamarin

xamarin-partnerIn today’s low-standard environment of multiple devices and operating systems the efficient development of cross-platform solutions is imperative! Our clients benefit from our experience with native, cross-platform software developments and agile project handling. Trust in our robust yet cost efficient solutions, tailored to your needs.

We focus on training media for aviation, where our software know-how meets industry expertise. Our IT experts use Xamarin™ and Microsoft .NET™ environments, PHP and MySQL. We are specialized in Xamarin, the leading provider of .NET software development tools for native cross-platform apps and desktop software.


SkyTest® Heading Trainer for Android™

SkyTest® Heading Trainer for Android™

Native vs. Web Apps

SkyTest® apps for iOS and Android look and feel native because they are. Besides using core-services of particular devices we always strive to create a perfect user experience. If you need us to develop a lean and cost efficient cross-platform app in short time, HTML5 Web Apps are the preferable approach. These apps can be distributed through app stores by Phonegap™. We will be glad to find the solution with you, that serves your requirements best.


Desktop Applications

Recent .NET solutions with hardware integration (e.g. joysticks and pedals) are our approach to desktop applications. We have developed pilot aptitude training and screening software products agilely for airlines and FTOs and support our customers with Computer Based Training (CBT) tools in flight trainings and type-ratings.

Cross-platform development is available for desktop applications, too – this allows to publish a software for both Windows™ and Mac OS™, on mobile and stationary devices.


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