SkyTest® Commercial License

Commercial License Agreements (CLAs)

We are aware of constrained budgets in flight training. Our Commercial License Agreements (CLAs) offer full service at budget flexibilty.

Our license plan include:

  • SkyTest® use on classroom workstations
  • SkyTest® student copies for home studies (one-time for each student, licenses do not expire)
  • License and training administration by SkyTest® Classroom Solution
  • Free online support for your staff and students
  • Free SkyTest® software updates

Our CLAs charge a moderate monthly fixed base fee from 200.00 EUR and a variable license fee of 40.00 EUR for student licenses.


License Example

You license a SkyTest® software product for ten classroom workstations and have ten students in a given month. Your license fee for this month totals 200.00 EUR (fixed base fee) + 10*40 EUR (variable fee for student licenses) = 600.00 EUR.

If you create licenses for four additional students in the next month, your license fee for this month is 200.00 EUR (fixed base fee) + 4*40 EUR (variable fee for student licenses) = 360.00 EUR.

Still, all 14 students will be able to use the software in classroom and on personal devices.


Please touch base with us for a detailed Commercial License Agreement (CLA) proposal tailored to your needs.

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