Web-based Solutions

Web-based Screening Solutions

Aviation is an ever international business. Save the expense of flying applicants to your testing facilities and offer remote assessments with SkyTest® remote screening solutions.

Subject to your preferences our web-based screening solutions include:

  • Pilot operational aptitude and cognitive ability tests
  • Psychologic assessment (16PF)
  • Technical comprehension questionnaires
  • Math tasks
  • ATPL questionnaires

SkyTest® web-based screening solutions features:

  • Corporate branding of the test software
  • Easy test and applicant administration in our web-based tool
  • Reliable applicant assessment
  • Reliable performance results
  • Score cards for each applicant in our web-based tool

Our integrated screening solutions do not require any capital investment – our plans only charge a moderate monthly fixed base fee from 200.00 EUR and a variable service fee of 60 EUR for each applicant tested on the system. Please inquire with us for a detailed offer.