Aptitude Training

Outstanding operational and cognitive aptitudes are paramount to any pilot career beyond pre-hiring screenings. We provide airlines, FTOs, pilots and air traffic controllers dedicated software to recognize individual aptitude shortcomings and address these by continued training.

Non-technical pilot aptitude screenings are required by international civil aviation regulation and widely adopted within the industry. Aptitude reviews improve flight safety and also carry a strong commercial case for airlines as they reduce costly career failures dramatically.

Aptitude training with SkyTest® will give your staff and students a career edge. Our aptitude training software products were developed from an aviation point of view and target:

  • Situational awareness
  • Psychomotor skills
  • iPad Extended Coordination 2Memory
  • Decision making
  • Performance under stress
  • Performance under fatigue
  • Logical reasoning
  • Math, physics and technical comprehension

You may opt to license our software products for your organization or book us for intensive on-site aptitude training and screening preparation.

SkyTest® is a pilot’s aptitude training companion in any career level from aspiring cadet to experienced airman.


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