Backend Solutions

Web-based Backend

Cloud-based solutions require a robust backend-system. To provide services regardless or platform and global location, we create browser-based web interfaces developed with PHP, MySQL and HTML5. The backend can be administrated on our servers or be installed on your own engines.

SkyTest® Classroom Solution

Performance Analytics with SkyTest® Classroom Solution

A very extensive, modular backend system we developed is our SkyTest® Classroom Solution for the administration of pilot training and screening processes.


Modular Solutions

We will tailor backend solutions to your business case. Our experience and framework solutions will work to your benefit:

  • Years of experience in backend architecture
  • UI-templates available for fast creation of user interfaces
  • Integration of available and tested modules for user administration, content management, shop management, stats tools and many more
  • Multiple-layer administration rights management to reflect your organizational concept
  • Graph visualisation of data
  • Client connection (apps, desktop software) by SOAP/XML