Screening Preparation

SkyTest® supports FTOs to prep their students for pre-hiring screenings at major airlines with dedicated aptitude training media. Our professional solutions include student software licenses, classroom workstation software licenses, online instructor administration and performance measurement tools.


SkyTest® Classroom Solution

User stats in tutors' backendOur client-server-based training infrastructure is the cutting-edge solution to prepare your classes for upcoming airline screenings. Supply your students with the latest training tools installed on the workstations of your company or even directly on their notebooks and tablets.

With the browser-based SkyTest® interface for tutors you monitor your students’ performances in real-time and have a sound basis to recognize individual weaknesses to give targeted training advice – independent from your students‘ current locations.


Add career value to your classes!

SkyTest® Classroom Solution has a lot of advantages your organization will benefit from. It complements your existing training courses with accurate aptitude analysis and improvement to prepare your students for upcoming pilot selections  soundly – an important step in today‘s aviation career environment.

  • Make career-oriented aptitude training a part of your flight training
  • Measure capacitive and knowledge performance from time to time to monitor long term aptitude developments
  • Remote / off-site use of SkyTest® tools
  • Always the latest version, updated automatically on client device
  • SkyTest® student licenses have no expiration date
  • Unlimited online contentual and technical support services for your students and you
  • Buying SkyTest® licenses through commercial license agree-ments is cheaper than students purchasing individual licenses
  • Customization of students‘ software e.g. with logo and colors of your organization and development of custom training modules

We will be glad introduce the benefits of SkyTest® Classroom Solutito your organization. Please contact our sales team at for free demo access.


User control

Signing up for SkyTest® B2B services you will get access to SkyTest® Classroom Solution, the browser-based control panel for managing your students‘ SkyTest® accounts. There you can:

  • Set up new student accounts and edit existing accounts
  • Manage SkyTest® product licenses for each student
  • View all stat details (results, performance graphs etc.)
  • Instant support messaging
  • Participation in SkyTest® bulletin boards embedded in software. We may also include private boards for your organization
  • Release announcement postings on SkyTest® software embed-ded news wall to your students
  • Configure and conduct screening simulating test runs with se-veral students and access their comprehensive test results in real-time (kindly refer to next page)
  • Access supplemental customized modules developed for your organization only


Screening simulation

SkyTest® desktop and tablet products can simulate screening test runs with their Classroom mode. In this mode, students have to work on default tests at a stretch – just like in actual screening. All tests can be set up either with the easy, medium and difficult level specified by SkyTest® or with parameters adjusted by your own.

In SkyTest® Classroom Solution backend there are comprehensive reports generated on grounds of the performance of each student, to provide an overview of current strengths and weaknesses. This is a reliable source for further training advices to improve future performance development.


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